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Posted on dicembre 17 2009 by admin

The current proposals of Novarreda cover all the demands in furnishing the bathroom, from the single block to the modular furniture; the further possibility of requiring articles with personalized design and finishes protects the customer with a more and more complete service for every type of demand.

6 barocco doppio lavabo bassorilievo oro


For the deliveries, guaranteed in 30 days from the order confirmation, Novarreda makes use of efficient transport means with a staff highly qualified in the furniture transport.

All these factors, make part of the service and quality that Novarreda offers to the own clients, putting them in condition for entrusting itself to our company with the maximum of the tranquillity.


To communicate in creative way the productive choices has contributed to obtain optimal turns out in terms of business visibility and affirmation of the brand EPOQUE, currently present on great part of the specific press.

The realization of an illustrated catalogue and advertising campaigns has rendered brand EPOQUE famous on the market.

Moreover, Novarreda places constant attentiuon to the development of website and int he participation to the more important expositive manifestations in Italy and the world with the objective to make to know and to expand the own productive truth.

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